Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tips To Make You r Living Room More Relaxing

We judge people in 7 seconds, and this judgment is based on their homes as well. Our living rooms are the first thing guests see upon entering the home. It is the focal point of the home; it’s where you unwind, eat together, and engage in playful banter. To turn your lounge into a place that represents the heart of your home, here are a few tips.

Let in the light

Add some strategic lighting to add warmth and depth, and lend the ambiance to your living space. Make the most of the natural lighting during the day by moving any furniture that maybe blocking the window. Moreover, you can also position the mirrors to give an illusion of a bright, airy space. Keep the shadows at bay at night by augmenting the main lighting source with lamps, candles and some fun fairy lights.

Color it up

Although you may be tempted to keep your living room as neutral as possible, your living room will be livelier if you use warm, comforting hues or add a feature wall. Moreover, you can also hang family pictures on the wall or abstract paintings in the lounge. You can unleash the crazy in you using colorful accessories. It can be a great way to bring together a diverse range of items without having it look like a random assortment.


Everyone has a different preference when it comes down to furniture. Whilst a person may like contemporary, other may fancy vintage. Your best bet is to create a fusion of these two styles. One way to go about it is you can get your good ol’ recliner contrasting with your partner’s rocking chair. You can throw in some luxurious velvet cushions in the rococo armchairs. Go for the oversized couch but look for slimmer seating options. Want to buy a rocking chair? Check here.


Add a few plants to enhance the ambiance of your living space. It will add a splash of color, detoxify the air, and even lift up your mood after a rough day. To add a touch of classical elegance to any place, Ivy is a beautiful yet unintrusive plant to have tumbling from a jardinière. You can place bouquets of fresh flowers in a vase. They will fill your living room with welcoming scents and you would want to spend more time there.

Shimmy That Mirror Over

The right sense of space is among the cornerstones of good décor, and that’s exactly what mirrors bring to the table. However, there can be an exception to the rule – if the mirror reflects the image of cluttered art wall or a jam-packed bookshelf, it will make the room appear cluttered. Your best bet is to position the mirror at a 90-degree angle from the window or next to a lamp. These tricks will spread light in the room, giving a more airy, open feel.
To make the most of your living room and decorate your home with a tinge of unique style, follow these tips. So what are you waiting for? Happy decorating.

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