Monday, June 8, 2015

Floor Scales-Appications

Industrial weighing scales are crucial to a variety of industry sectors, providing basic yet necessary information for financial, operational, and legislative functions to them. From food industries to pharmaceuticals and aerospace, each make use of various types of industrial scales including floor scales.
Floor scales are generally used for a diverse range of weighing applications, such as weighing materials and goods. These are used to decide how much inventory is required, to calculate the cost of shipping, or simply to know if they are utilizing the correct amount of materials at the time of manufacturing.
It’s important that individual industries are able to take note of and keep an eye on the weight of an item and the way it happens to change over time. This item can be anything: it might be a coating another object’s been sprayed with or it can be that the amount of each of the multiple ingredients present in a mixing container needs to be measured and recorded. Large floor scales are ideal in these situations, irrespective of the container.
Factors to Consider
Stainless steel, painted steel, or aluminum can be used in building scales. Generally, the environment in which the process is going to take place and the particular material that is to be weighed determines how a scale is designed. Therefore, an important thing to note is that the price of floor scales alone is not sufficient to make a decision on which to buy. A buying decision should incorporate the reliability and accuracy the respective scale can provide in a given environment, particularly if it’s a harsh environment the scale’s going to be exposed to.
Floor scales with stainless steel load cells and a steel platform are the most common type, suitable for standard industrial workplace conditions. But given that there are highly corrosive or reactive elements are present in the environment, then using a stainless steel platform is actually the best option available. It’s known to withstand tough industrial settings.
Other point of concern should be that the scales do not hinder the business procedure and so only floor scales that are easy to install, use, and maintain should be the topmost priority.
Types of Floor Scales
Floor scales come in all sorts of capacities and sizes to aptly suit different applications. Some of them are also designed as portable scales. Some of them are meant to be used in specialized atmospheres like heavy washdowns.
While there are numerous kinds of floor scales, the following are the more popular products:
  •  Pegasus Floor Scales
  •  Salter PS-Series Digital Floor Scale
  •  Coti Global Floor Scales
  •  ProDec DSL/DSLS Series Floor Scale
  •  B-TEK Floor Scales
  •  DS Deck Scale Series
All of them characteristically feature durability, accuracy, and affordability, tailored for both commercial and light applications. In order to achieve a greater degree of accuracy, however, it’s better if the scales are used in a combination of other options like the weight indicators, accessories and software that make up for a complete data management solution.

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