Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trend Alert: What’s Hot In the Luxury Real Estate Market?

The Charlotte real estate market is positioned for growth as demand for housing rises in the region. This is attributed to its strong economic growth and a positive job outlook. However, the luxury home market is also booming with many new listings making their way to the forefront.
According to a survey conducted by Experian on The Wealthiest ZIP Codes in America, North Carolina is home to three of the wealthiest ZIP codes, and one of them is right in Charlotte. The other two are in Raleigh and Greensboro in the downtown areas of the cities respectively. So, let’s have a look at the hottest trends in luxury real estate for 2015!

Luxury Bathroom Amenities
When it comes to luxury homes, bathrooms never take a backseat. As opposed to Jacuzzi tubs, which spelled luxurious in bathrooms previously, luxury showers and other amenities have now taken over to make the experience evermore lavish. You can look around for smart technology making its way in bathroom from towel warmers on cue to shower glass turning opaque at the sign of someone stepping in.

Separate Wine Tasting Rooms
A dark wine cellar is becoming outdated with well-decorated and dedicated wine tasting rooms fast replacing them. The wine cellar has become more than a room for wine storage and tasting with comfortable living arrangement designed in the cellar where homeowners can hold wine tastings and gatherings.

Neutral Colors
When it comes to homes, color matters, as it largely depicts the mood and setting of the home. For this year, luxury is more neutral. Neutral colors give homeowners a good chance to display their wall artwork or dark wood furniture. If you do not like neutrals as much, keep it to just the dining areas maybe? That works just as well.

White Is All In, In the Kitchen
When it comes to kitchens, style and comfort should go hand in hand with all the latest smart kitchen gadgets lined neatly against a white backdrop. White cabinets are becoming the new sophisticated thing for kitchens as opposed to the natural wood cabinets. Pair your white cabinetry with quartz counter tops, which perfectly complete and complement the look. Quartz is more durable in terms of wear and tear, and less porous, making it a popular choice for countertops in luxury homes as opposed to granite tops.

Natural Looking Pool with Fire Pit
No luxury home is complete without a pool, and if you want to do it right, incorporate this trend alert. Luxury homeowners are making their pools look more natural, making them blend in with the environment. You can even add a waterfall if you like and a poolside fire pit that is just perfect to relax beside after a swim.
Luxury homes are becoming more sophisticated with the latest smart technology making its way fast into homes. As much as comfort counts, installing the latest gadgets will also ensure convenience. Make sure you are making the most of the latest, hottest trends in luxury real estate.

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